The Dunk Of 2009!!!

I know I’m late on this, but I had to post it and give you a story on where I was during the Dunk of 2009!  So I was sitting in the  Quarterdeck restaurant on South Beach with my boy Sal watching the Canes vs UNC game, when this dude started talking trash about the Canes. He was just cheering against us on every damn play not because hes from NC …no because he’s a hater and thats what they do.  So naturally we had to take up for our team and start giving him hell.

Just then, UM Freshman Dequan Jones just started giving us all the trash talk ammo we needed with the athletic displays he was unleashing all over the Tar Heels! First he sent a shot 4 rows into the stands and then ended the half with a sick baseline windmill dunk in traffic!!! It made all the of Sports Centers top plays for the week. After that we just started laying into this dude and he sat quietly for the rest of the game; even as UNC took us to the woodshed in the second half… O well. At least we made Sports Center….We are going to get them at home!  Here is another video of the DJ dunking on the #1 recruit in the nation last year in High school.


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