The Future…TIVO On The Go!


Comcast AnyPlay - Personal DVR

Comcast AnyPlay - Personal DVR

Today, I was reading Mark’s Blog about the future of internet broadcasting/streaming vs traditional cable and satellite broadcasting. While the back and forth banter on his comments section between the over-educated tech geeks was amusing, a little device they mentioned immediately caught my eye.

The Comcast AnyPlay device was announced a little over a year ago at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show(CES). I try to follow this type of stuff, but to be honest I totally missed this one the first time around. This little gadget will save you if you travel a lot for work or pleasure.

It works as a regular DVR on its base next to your 50 inch in the living room. However, when you go on the road for work or take that weekend trip to Miami, you can take up to 60 hours of TV video with you. This thing also plays cds and DVDs on a 8.5 inch screen. I know that with the rise of sites like Hulu and Youtube or by using a Slingbox, you can watch any show on your laptop or cell phone practically anywhere. So what happens when your in airtight cabin a couple of thousand feet up in the air with no Internet signal or on a highway in the middle of an Arizona desert? The AnyPlay will let you catch up on all your shows at anytime…. Now if they would just release it already. It slated for and early 2009 release.


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  1. When you locate your show and select it, the Web site routes your request to your TiVo. Consumer Electronics

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