My Bold Birthday Gift….Finally!

You know I had to rock the Obama - RunDC Screensaver on my new Berry.

You know I had to rock the Obama - RunDC Screensaver on my new Berry.

Thanks to moms and sis, I finally got the Blackberry Bold upgrade for my birthday. I know I’ve been slacking on the posts …but I’ve been out of the country (More on that to come).

In any case, the Bold is on point with the 3G. The browser is so fast, and now I can even watch youtube clips on my phone….IPhone style. Also the apps are insane. I got all my favorite radio stations from Philly and Miami at any time using the website. The Slacker streaming radio comes in handy when I’m traveling and I forgot to charge the IPod. The usual suspects, Viggo & Facebook, are streamlined on the bold for even easier navigation. Google maps uses the Bold’s built in GPS flawlessly. Another one, for people who follow the news closely, is AP Mobile News.

As far as the phone itself, It’s amazing. The WiFi networking is a clutch feature, especially if your traveling internationally. The camera could be a little better, but the 2 mega pixels did major work so far. The phone has great reception everywhere and is much louder than my old pearl when it rings or plays music. The alarm actually wakes me up! The speed and power of the phone is great. My boy KillaCam even watches his DVR TV shows in HD using a slingbox. Crazy stuff!

In any case, if you want a kids toy buy a IPhone. If you want a hand- held computer, that will satisfy both your work needs and personal communication and entertainment needs then get yourself a Bold.


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