Ho Ho Ho...

Ho Ho Ho...

So Sunday when the brackets were released, I was shocked, amazed and depressed when I saw the TEMPLE seeding. Not only did I have to wait until 64 other teams were announced before my OWLS, but they were also seeded in the MIAMI bracket in my own backyard. Now typically I would be ecstatic with the turn of events, but I was going to be out of town for work. (Actually, I was going to be in rainy Portland trying to score tickets to the Gonzaga and UW games tomorrow.) Well Santa works in mysterious ways.

Last night my boss sent me this text at 9:30 pm (6:30pm in Portland):

“UPDATE: Change of Plans. We will need you in Portland next Weds instead of this week…”

Merry Christmas!

Immediately after replying to the BOSSman, I texted my boy at Temple to see how much tickets were for Friday in Miami. $76 ticket for each session. DAMN!!!! I had to find some other alternative. I called my boy DSTUCK with the shoe companies and he said he was actually trying to get on the pass list and get his boss to pay for the flight to Miami. He called me today and told me he was out and off to Chattanoga to watch some games in the Women’s Tourney instead. His two tickets were now in “My Name” at will call for Friday!

Merry Christmas…Again!

So tomorrow I will be on SoBe all day watching games with my boys. I’m not sure exactly where, but I’ll let ya’ll know locations on the twitter throughout the day. There is the possibility of hitting the Temple alumni reception at the Downtown Hyatt from 6-8pm.

Friday at around noon, I will be in the American Airlines Arena watching 3 seed Cuse take another team to 6OTs. Hopefully by 3pm, Dionte Christmas and the Owls will be handling the Arizona State Sun Devils…
Merry Christmas Dionte….we need more presents son!!!!

The Un-Official TEMPLE after Celebration/Happy Hour will be at MONTY’s South Beach. 2-4-1 Drinks till 8…

Come Out Philly…Welcome to MIAMI !!! We will be your hosts!!! GO OWLS!

PS It’s Spring Break in Miami !!


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