Its Always Sunny in Hollywood with BIG D!

Always Sunny In Philadelphia LIVE!

Always Sunny In Philadelphia LIVE!

A couple of months ago, I joined my man BIG D in Hollywood, CA for one of his shows. He informed me that his boy Rob, creator of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, was considering doing a live song from the show with him on stage. What was once just one song at a BIG D show, became BIG D opening for an entire live show featuring the cast and crew of Always Sunny; including Danny Devito. The episode was to be the classic “Nightman Cometh.

The show would be held at the legendary Troubador in West Hollywood. Tickets sold out within the hour. They created another show the following night, and that one sold out too. I was lucky enough to have Don set me a ticket aside for the 2nd night, and my boy Billy got an extra last minute for the 1st night.

The shows didn’t disappoint. Don killed it with his “Guns for Hire” Beatles tribute band backing him up. The crowd got down to the BIG D tunes, but most of the crowd was ready for the the Nightman to Commeth! The show was a hit. Rob, Glenn, Charlie and Kaitlin had the crowd in tears. Devito had them singing about “troll tolls to pay in the boys hole”.

In any case, I wanted to pass along that the Gang has decided to take the show on the road. There is a 6 city tour scheduled for September and BIG D is again confirmed to open the PHILLY and NYC shows.  Here are some more pics from the first Hollywood shows.

Artemis with my crew after the show!

Artemis with my crew after the show!

Mac karate-choppin Ryan

Mac karate-choppin Ryan


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