Wacko Jaco, C.R.!

Jeremy’s 11

A few months back a few of the fellas went to Costa Rica for a little “eco-vacation” and to  mourn celebrate the giving away another one of the crew to the “Game”. The “Game” being marriage. As our fellow Florida resident and world’s greatest athlete might attest, even a Tiger can’t win in this “Game”. In any case, this is just as good of an excuse reason to party in this great country.  Eleven cool cats from Philly, Atlanta, NY, and Miami went all in and got the cribs style mansion on the golf course in Jaco Beach, C.R. and enjoyed the eco activities. Here is a small picture gallery of what went down….More pics after the jump!

The Pool area with Jacuzzi and Swim up bar…Holla!

J and Salsa planning their days activities…

Crazy Craven

Pinto’s Needle Fish

I caught some yellow tail Tuna….

….Had to cut it up for some ceviche!

Learning to drive our new rides.

Corey about to rep that U in the Jungle!

The CR Crocs

Walking the plank!

Taking a break half way up the mountain…

Top of the jungle mountain.

Mountain Top “Bar”…. only served soda!


One Response to “Wacko Jaco, C.R.!”

  1. Solid work Al, solid work. Good times and great memories.!

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