W.O.S. EuroTour – Episode 1: ROAD2ROME

W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 1 – ROAD2ROME from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

It’s finally up! We recently took a road trip to Europe this past month. Here is the first of what will most likely turn out to be a long series of videos documenting that trip. The first one is just a recap of how AL D. got to the great city of Rome, Italy. The song in the video is Shutterbug (remix) by Big Boi ft. Rick Ross (I love this beat!)….also check out a Sneak Peek of Episode 2 after the closing credits. More videos on the way….Cheers Mates!


3 Responses to “W.O.S. EuroTour – Episode 1: ROAD2ROME”

  1. OK…AL D KNOWS TV…haha.

  2. Yessir My friend! We gotta get the IGB TV going next!

  3. […] the world wide success of Episode 1, we now present Episode 2: The Holy Roman Empire. Thanks to my girls Ash and Mel for putting me on […]

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