W.O.S. EuroTour – Episode 2: The Holy Roman Empire

W.O.S. EUROtour Ep.2 – The Holy Roman Empire from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

Following the world wide success of Episode 1, we now present Episode 2: The Holy Roman Empire. Thanks to my girls Ash and Mel for putting me on to the tunes! I love both songs; We No Speak Americano & Dynamite! Sorry if some pics came out blurry, but i had to pull them off facebook! Also if you are my Facebook friend but haven’t posted any pics….you probably didn’t make Episode 2! Sorry! Maybe next time! Ep. 3 coming soon!!!


4 Responses to “W.O.S. EuroTour – Episode 2: The Holy Roman Empire”

  1. Wow, that came out great! Can’t wait for episode 3!!!

  2. Thank’s Alex! Spread the word!

  3. Tay Thompkins Says:


  4. […] last saw the crew we were (almost getting kicked out) leaving the Vatican City. The Rome crew from Episode 2 returns and  road trips (plenty of bus dancing) north to Florence to check out the statue of DAVID […]

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