Marco’s Moving Art….

So last week at about the same time I posted Kanye’s Power video on the blog I headed up to NYC for a long weekend…. well apparently Kanye was inspired by the moving art piece Civilization inside the Standard Hotel in the city. The artist is Marco Brambilla. I saw his video and was blown away. Hit the full screen and imagine this on the wall being played on a 60inch in the crib! That’s now a goal! Lets get this in 3D on my wall ASAP!


2 Responses to “Marco’s Moving Art….”

  1. you were in NYC this weekend? Slut! Give me the heads up next time. I was there too son. Keith and Lyn were DJ’in in the L.E.S.

  2. HAHA! I called You and You were in Costa Rica homey!

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