Episode 4 – Leaving Tuscany, we make way to the Cinque Terre (five lands) of the Italian Province of Liguria. After swimming in the blue waters of the Italian Riviera for the day we head over the French border to the world renown French Rivera; aka the Cote’ de Azur. We arrive for a night of World Cup soccer and bar hopping in the blue coast city of NICE.

W.O.S. EUROtour Ep.4 – TUSCANY 2 THE RIVIERA from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

I had to get this video out fast….I don’t know how much more free time I’m gonna have to put these together! I still have at least 4 more videos from the EUROtour, a Panama one, and  a New York one. Then we got canes football season around the corner….wish me luck people! Music by Shakira & Stromae.


One Response to “W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 4 – TUSCANY 2 THE RIVIERA”

  1. Awesome video again!! Thanks for these, those were some good times ….

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