Saludos Amigos! I saw this video and I had to post it! I have 3 great reasons for this post! Number 1: It’s Shakira and she’s an angel on earth. Number 2: My girl Dionne is a back-up dancer for Shakira and although she’s not in this video per say she was in the Waka Waka video and is doing all the live appearances for this Song; Loca. 3. Lastly, and probably the best reason for the post is that it’s filmed entirely in my favorite city in the world; BARCELONA! I love the way it’s shot on what looks like a handheld camera with no permits…AL.D.T.V. Style. Anyhow, this is a great warm up for the visuals from SPAIN that will be on the next couple episodes of W.O.S. EUROtour… Episode 7 coming soon!


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