AJ IV - Undefeated

Sneaker Heads!! I haven’t done a sneaker post in a minute. To be honest, my sneaker game has been a little stale. I have so many kicks in my closet that never see the light of day, that actually getting more is really pointless at this time… I don’t know maybe I’m growing up???? Come to think of it, I really need to work on my suit game! However I was reading the blogs the other day and saw some sick JORDAN 4’s in a UM colorway! It turns out these are super limited release and are fetching close to $6,000 on Ebay….which is insane for anything not an OG AIR JORDAN 1! Great colors though! I would love to get a pair to rock for the VTech game next week but i don’t think its in my budget. I also saw some other kicks in Hurricane colors that might be a little more fiscally reasonable….Check out more kicks and pics after the Jump…. Pics Courtesy of

Fresh Kicks for 6g's

NIKE ZOOM Huarache Trainer - Pro Combat Pack - Miami

Converse Poorman's Weapon


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