Finally The New YE!

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West’s newest album officially drops today! With all the leaks and G.O.O.D. Friday pre-releases, I have heard most of it over the last couple months. I’m still going out to buy the album today. Yes I just said that! There are only a few albums that I ever buy, and Kanye’s is always one of those. I have copped all 4 and will shortly make it 5.

This dude’s music is so far ahead of its time it’s crazy! The production is always incredible and the lyrics are always relevant and real! Even when he’s bragging about his designer clothes and expensive cars (like most rappers), there is a message within the song. I always find myself analyzing all the lyrics and most of the time I can relate to something he is saying. Although I might not agree with everything he says to the media or the way he might deliver those messages, this man is an true artist. And that is something you can’t deny!

He is always pushing the envelope and trying to create something that never has been done before. The album covers themselves are pieces of art that he labors to create often times with the world’s prominent visual artists. This time around he created a 35 min movie to go along with his album. The imagery is sick! The concept in itself borrows from MJ’s Thriller mini-movie but Kanye flips the script! He incorporates a majority of his album and creates something new. An album you can actually sit and watch as well as listen! It’s like a homage to that old Pink Floyd/Darkside of the Moon and Wizard of OZ urban legend (Supposedly, if you start the Pink Floyd album at the beginning of the movie the songs corresponds with parts of the movie).

Even if you don’t like hip hop, you have to see the artistry that he brings to the table. Everybody should at least check out this movie and see how tomorrow’s modern artists are being created today. I’m almost sure that hundreds of years from now people will be looking back on Ye as a Genius! Enjoy him while we can!


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