Diary of the Smokeman – Decade in Review 2000-2010

Began the Millennia in Miami
Fell in love with a city
Bought Life and Times of S.Carter Vol. 3
Graduated college in Philly (TUMF)
Took my talents to South Beach
Became the U’s “Smokeman”
AI carried the Sixers to the Finals
Missed a trip to the Sugar Bowl, Omaha and the Rose Bowl
Still got 2 championship rings out of it…
And went to the Garden for the BIG EAST B-Ball Tourney instead
Went to the Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl, & Fiesta Bowl
Got robbed of a 3rd ring in the desert
Took over Topeka for a wedding
Went to the Final 4
Went to the Marlins’ World Series
Went to the Heat’s NBA Finals
Saw Tiger play in Doral
Saw Roger whoop Agassi on Key Biscayne
Met Anna K at a Sobe Subway
Worked the BCS National Championship
Got quotes from Joe PA at a Penn St. game
Donovan carried the Eagles to the Superbowl then ran out of breath
Joined Facebook
Bought College Dropout
Read the DaVinci Code & the Alchemist
Traveled to London, Amsterdam, Paris, Munich, Venice, Lucerne
Graduated Grad school….well walked
Had a photo shoot in a local paper for being the Smokeman
Bought Late Registration
Met Diddy, Jessica, Roslyn & Jigga on the sidelines
Sat front row @ the Kanye Concert
Turned the Big 3-0
Ran my first race and almost died at mile 4
First used the W.O.S. to break a story of a new UM coach
Passed on the smoke duties
Became a slave to the swoosh
Took over Pittsburgh for a wedding
Bought Graduation
Traveled to 46 US States
Joined the Diamond Hilton Honors Club
Finally got to Omaha, Bourbon and the Rose Bowl
Lived in Hermosa Beach for 3 months
Taco Tuesdays on the Pier
Hung with the Always Sunny crew
Joined Twitter
Mike Vick became public enemy #1
Sat 6th Row @ the Kanye Concert
Played Basketball in Bo Jackson, Ate at Mia Hamm’s and had a meeting in Mike Schmidt
Sang the 7th inning stretch at an Indians game
Finally another championship for the city of brotherly love: The Phillies won the Series!
Filled my sneaker closet
Hit 107 in 90 when our goal was really just 90 in 90…. #Overachieved
Learned to Harlem Shake, Crip Walk, Soulja Boy, Walk It Out, Stanky Leg, and Dougie
Proceeded to teach them at all 107
Started the W.O.S. Blog
Traveled to Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, & Chile
Countless interviews, cover letters and resumes
Finally converted to the Mac
Saw Jay-Z in DC, Miami & Chicago
My President is Black
Took over Key West, Ft Laudy, SoBe &Oxford, Savannah for weddings
Traveled to Rome, Florence, Nice, Monaco, Avignon, Barcelona & Madrid
Stayed in my first hostel
Used Hilton points for the suite upgrade shortly after
Created my first W.O.S. video blog entry
Saw Jay Z in Radio City perform Empire State of Mind
“Found” My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Finally finished my thesis for Grad School
Became a running man
Vick became a hero again and now he is an Eagle
Spent my last minutes of this decade with my family under fireworks plumes in Disney World.

I hope the next decade will be half as fun…
Happy New Years from the W.O.S.!


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