Adding to the W.O.S. Skyline shot…

A few years ago when I started the W.O.S., I needed a picture for the mast head that would be representative of the “Streets”. Initially I wanted to capture my native Philadelphia or an even larger New York or Chicago area because, well, they had a more impressive skyline then my current city Miami. It was then IĀ remembered that my cousin had taken a decent picture from my Miami Beach apartment building roof that actually might work. That picture, taken in 2006, has been the W.O.S. skyline ever since. For Pics & Video

A lot has changed in the Miami skyline in the 6 years since Mark took that picture off a condo on Alton Rd. The housing boom in Downtown and Brickell exploded (then imploded), the city got cultural (Arsht Center) & the city as a whole decided to spread it’s nightlife & cuisine back over the bridge to new developing areas. Now that Skyline looks completely different and it’s about to take an even more radical shape in the future.

Resorts World Miami will be the first casino resort to come to Miami (pending some serious lobbying in Tallahassee). The plans for the new resort look like something from Dubai or even an Barcelonian-Gaudi architectural dream. In any case, this thing will surely make the W.O.S. masthead look out of date once it takes its place along the “New Downtown Miami”. O Well, I can always say that thats a picture of downtown Dadeland station now…


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