Distinção Carioca – Fashion Week Rio de Janeiro

By: S.D.P.

Rio de Janeiro has never been a place to shy away from the fashion spotlight, in fact it epitomizes seductive summer swimwear more than any other country on earth. This year’s fashion week was a massive undertaking and as always W.O.S. had to be right there to take in the sights and sounds of South America’s must-see fashion event of the year. To truly understand Brazilian style, one needs to appreciate the understated casualness with which everyday cariocas dress themselves with. Simple styles, from linen chino pants to Brazilian fedoras and Havianas are what most people think about when they envision summer fashion, but this week focused on what the upper echelon of trend setters in Rio are rolling out for the summer of 2012. Celebrated Brazilian designers including Tufi Duek, Carlos Miele, Ocimar Versolato, Barbara Casasola and Francisco Costa all presented spectacular runaway shows which will no doubt set the bar for upcoming fashion weeks in other temperate destinations such as Melbourne, Barcelona and Miami

. This years show was a tour de force in alta moda. Whereas in previous year’s Rio would almost exclusively focus on women’s swimwear, recent years have picked up on the fact that men are getting into the new trends just as much as the ladies. That being said, one always comes to Rio fashion week with an eye towards the ladies and their line of impressive beachwear. Modern cuts and two piece gems are what left us in awe. Alexandre Herchcovitch had some motifs on his bikini clad models that would take a married man out of the game. Needless to say W.O.S. is all about fidelity, at least when it comes to fashion, and because of that we stay true to the fact that Rio de Janeiro has by far the best summer collections on any continent.


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