Earth Wanderer. Ticket Stub Collector. Addicted 2 Fresh.

Alex D was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA by his Panamanian mother. He attained his Undergradute Degree in Business Administration at Temple University. He headed south to work in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Miami for 7 years and got the two championship rings he never could as an athlete. Next, he crisscrossed the United States promoting NIKE HS football (combining 3 obsessions: Travel, Sport & Kicks). He recently finished his coursework for his Masters Degree in International Administration at “The U” and now works in the endurance racing world making sure people don’t get hit by cars.

This is the chronicle of Alex D and his often uninteresting (but often funny) takes on pop-life and the traveling world. Some are political. Some are materialistic. Some are pop culture-ish and musical. Mostly it’s “Kicks, Fashion, Travel and Sports”; his favorite pastimes. Do you hear that???? It’s the Whispers On The Streets….

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3 Responses to “About”

  1. Check out Cami Capri and her second mixtape.
    ‘A Mixtape for My 4 friends’


  2. Please Check Out Todd Anthony’s Video “Yes I Did” and other hot music attached.
    “Todddd” Video:

    Official “Yes I Did” Video

    Todd Anthony’s Presskit:


  3. W.O.S. Please check out Todd Anthony’s New Video ‘Raw’

    “RAW” http://youtu.be/4BGwFGQK2LA?hd=1

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