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El Clasico – SuperCopa Edition – August 23rd, 2012 FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid

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It’s a new year and today is the first real test in La Liga! You know who I got! #VisçaBarça


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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 8 – Més Que Un Club

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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep.8 – Més Que Un Club from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

Episode 8 – During our stay in Barcelona, I escaped the group for a few hours to check out the world famous Camp Nou soccer stadium. The home of the Futbol Club de Barcelona (FCB). The stadium is literally a hall of fame museum of all time soccer greats! However it is more than just a futbol team to the people of Catalunya…it’s an institution of regional pride and culture! FCB is “més que un club”. VISÇA BARÇA! Music by JUSTICE.


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Man I wish I was in Barcelona today for the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona…or as it’s known El Clasico! I had the privilege to tour CAMP NOU this summer and it was amazing. I’m sure today it will be rocking as well! If you are at work and want to follow along click here. My prediction… 3-2 BARÇA WIN! 2 goals by Messi and 1 by DAVID VILLA MARAVILLA! VISÇA BARÇA! MES QUE UN CLUB! P.S. EPISODE 8 coming soon….and it’s all CAMP NOU Baby!


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EPISODE 7 is here….Sorry for the long delay! I have been crazy busy finishing up a couple projects for work. In any case, in Ep.7 the crew leaves the South of France and crosses over into Spain and the Catalonian capital of Barcelona.  After checking out  the famous Antonio Gaudi architecture that surrounds the city, we head off to Port Olimpic for some flamenco, gambling and nightlife. Barcelona was such an amazing city and definitely in my top 3 in the world! If not the top! I cannot wait to get back soon! OLE!

W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 7 – VISÇA BARÇA from W.O.S. on Vimeo.


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Saludos Amigos! I saw this video and I had to post it! I have 3 great reasons for this post! Number 1: It’s Shakira and she’s an angel on earth. Number 2: My girl Dionne is a back-up dancer for Shakira and although she’s not in this video per say she was in the Waka Waka video and is doing all the live appearances for this Song; Loca. 3. Lastly, and probably the best reason for the post is that it’s filmed entirely in my favorite city in the world; BARCELONA! I love the way it’s shot on what looks like a handheld camera with no permits…AL.D.T.V. Style. Anyhow, this is a great warm up for the visuals from SPAIN that will be on the next couple episodes of W.O.S. EUROtour… Episode 7 coming soon!