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Hurricane Isaac on the way….

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Might have to bounce on Outta here! O yeah, I’m in Vegas next week!!!! I hope the team can get to beantown next weekend for the game. #The U #Outchea

Adding to the W.O.S. Skyline shot…

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A few years ago when I started the W.O.S., I needed a picture for the mast head that would be representative of the “Streets”. Initially I wanted to capture my native Philadelphia or an even larger New York or Chicago area because, well, they had a more impressive skyline then my current city Miami. It was then I remembered that my cousin had taken a decent picture from my Miami Beach apartment building roof that actually might work. That picture, taken in 2006, has been the W.O.S. skyline ever since. For Pics & Video Continue reading

FLORIDA: Swamps & Rockets

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Today is the end of an era. Our Space program is finally closing its doors for the last time on the Cape. The debate is heated on weather its a grand mistake or a fiscal responsibility. I thought it would cool to show you what happened in the Everglades after the Cold War was in full effect and Florida finished building missles. This is a pretty cool mini documentary by Joey Doaud via Boing Boing called Space Miami.


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Busy X-MAS with the Wii

Busy X-MAS with the Wii

Me and the Fam spent Christmas at my sisters new crib in Orlando this year. Continue reading