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W.O.S. NIKE is going “Back to the Future”

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#W.O.S. OTIS – Kanye West & Jay – Z (Video)

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#W.O.S. – The New Lebron 9s

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Hopefully these are the 1s that bring the chip back to the 305.

Not a huge fan. Via


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AJ IV - Undefeated

Sneaker Heads!! I haven’t done a sneaker post in a minute. To be honest, my sneaker game has been a little stale. I have so many kicks in my closet that never see the light of day, that actually getting more is really pointless at this time… I don’t know maybe I’m growing up???? Come to think of it, I really need to work on my suit game! However I was reading the blogs the other day and saw some sick JORDAN 4’s in a UM colorway! It turns out these are super limited release and are fetching close to $6,000 on Ebay….which is insane for anything not an OG AIR JORDAN 1! Great colors though! I would love to get a pair to rock for the VTech game next week but i don’t think its in my budget. I also saw some other kicks in Hurricane colors that might be a little more fiscally reasonable….Check out more kicks and pics after the Jump…. Continue reading


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The New NIKE Pro Combat Miami Hurricanes Uniform

It’s GameDay at the U and I’m so pumped for this season to begin. Yesterday, the good fellas at NIKE unveiled the New Pro Combat Uniforms and of course the Cane Swag is part of the madness for the second year in a row! There are more pics after the jump! Check it out!

Also my dudes, The DreamTeam, made a new Canes song for the 2010 season! It’s a Swaggerific joint about The U over the Kanye Power beat! My boy Tay made a money highlight video for it too! Check it out below!

Click here to see more pics of the uniforms! Continue reading

Cons & Cudi Remake A TRIBE Classic!

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Like any hip hop head in the early 90’s, Tribe called Quest was always in heavy rotation at all parties, in the hoopty, or at the crib when hitting those NES paddles. This remake by Cons and Cudi (two of my fav MCs in the game at the moment) is just Ill. The video keeps true to the original with the bugged out eyes and crazy colors. The OG was also one of the first videos with a 2nd song teaser. Check out the OG video after the jump… Continue reading


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Air Yeezy set to drop in March 09! Let the Hype begin!!! Pic courtesy of NIKETLK.

Somebody “Change” Those Kicks!

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Obama Air ???

Obama Air ???

Saw this on THE B.O.P blog and I had to post it….Crazy ugly kicks….but kinda funny and relevant to todays events…

Air Yeezys & Kobe IV PE’s/NIKEiD

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I would never trust my shot with these kicks on the line….And I like to gamble….

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Premier

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Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Premier

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi Premier

Here is the closeup of the Kicks I wore on Christmas for all you shoe heads. The Christmas – Gucci J’s!!! Continue reading