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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 10 – The Final Ep: LA FURIA ROJA

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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep.10 – The Final Episode – La Furia Roja from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

Episode 10 – The Final Chapter of the Whispers On the Street EUROtour 2010… Most of the crew has headed back to their homes with the exception of a pair of Aussie gals, a Frenchy Canadian and yours truly….We had to take the party to overtime! What better way to close out the trip then to celebrate a Spanish World Cup victory in Madrid. With the help of a few new friends from Philly and a Irish lady, we join in LA FURIA ROJA! Sounds by Swedish House Mafia and Kid Cudi.


Calling All South Beach Hooligans! U-S-A!

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Jozy celebrates scoring goal. USA defeated top ranked Spain 2-0.

Jozy celebrates scoring goal. USA defeated top ranked Spain 2-0.

What up W.O.Sers….Sorry I’ve been MIA lately and sorry I haven’t posted all the other numerous blogs entries that I have started in the draft folder! Trust me I will get to all of them and more… I got some MAJOR material on the horizon. Today’s developments on the the soccer pitch in South Africa, mandated at quick post about the US Men’s National Team Soccer team. I needed to get a quick message out to all the Miami/South Florida readers and US soccer fans. Continue reading