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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 10 – The Final Ep: LA FURIA ROJA

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W.O.S. EUROtour Ep.10 – The Final Episode – La Furia Roja from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

Episode 10 – The Final Chapter of the Whispers On the Street EUROtour 2010… Most of the crew has headed back to their homes with the exception of a pair of Aussie gals, a Frenchy Canadian and yours truly….We had to take the party to overtime! What better way to close out the trip then to celebrate a Spanish World Cup victory in Madrid. With the help of a few new friends from Philly and a Irish lady, we join in LA FURIA ROJA! Sounds by Swedish House Mafia and Kid Cudi.

W.O.S. EUROtour Ep. 9 – La Movida Madrileña

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WOS EUROtour Ep 9 – La Movida Madrileña from W.O.S. on Vimeo.

Episode 9 – The Final Chapter….or was it! The crew winds down the tour in the Spanish capital of Madrid. We take in a few sights during the day and prepare for our final dinner together before saying our goodbyes and going our separate ways…Later that night we indulge one last time in the Madrid nightlife; aka “La Movida”. It was a great night to end the trip on but some had another little party to attend the following night….Episode 10 on the way! Music by B.I.G., Coco Freeman & David Guetta.


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Whats up world? It’s been a bit! I know, I know…I have been on a little euro tour. Today is my last day here and its been a whirlwind trip!   As I sit hear in my airport hotel room (the sickest Hilton I have ever seen; thank God for Hilton points), I watch TV coverage of  the World Champion Spanish football team, La Furia Roja,  as they exit from the team plane across the street! It’s kinda weird watching this after yesterday….I was contemplating going back downtown to check out the parade and rally inside Palacio Real. However I’m still hurting from yesterday’s marathon party that started at 2pm and ended in the burning streets of Madrid @ 4:30 am. Insane Time!

In any case, I wanted send a shout out to all my new friends from all over this damn world!  We had a great time all over Italy, France and Spain….and trust me I documented it all! It’s gonna take me a little time to finish editing all the videos and pics. In the meantime, I’ve put together a nice little mixtape of all the songs that I think captured our trip. I’m going to upload it tonight and post the link here tomorrow morning. Miss you all like crazy! Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! BRAVO!

Fy, Alison & Me on the Streets of Madrid