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Always Sunny In Philly Season 8 Coming Soon!

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Check out my boy Tayrone aka “Black Dee” with White Dee!


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WOS! WOS! WOS! The NFL season has arrived and so has the all-american brand of Hooliganisms that is the Philadelphia Eagles and their 700 level crew! From the same people that brought you the booing of Santa Claus, The Bounty Bowl and of course the in-stadium jail comes the next big Philly thing! Two of my boys from back home created the Philly CrackHeads…..a wearable Liberty Bell to represent your Philly PRIDE! For the cost of 2 “WIZ WIT” and a COKE ($20), you too could get a CRACKHEAD! If you want to pick one up for this weekend’s game against the LOWLY Cheese Heads, check out the website here .  Lets go fellas…….E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES!


Its Always Sunny in Hollywood with BIG D!

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Always Sunny In Philadelphia LIVE!

Always Sunny In Philadelphia LIVE!

A couple of months ago, I joined my man BIG D in Hollywood, CA for one of his shows. He informed me that his boy Rob, creator of Always Sunny In Philadelphia, was considering doing a live song from the show with him on stage. What was once just one song at a BIG D show, became BIG D opening for an entire live show featuring the cast and crew of Always Sunny; including Danny Devito. The episode was to be the classic “Nightman Cometh. Continue reading

Going Back to Philly …..

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I know I’m late on this but I just saw it on hulu and I had to post it…. Continue reading