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Kendrick in Miami… #W.O.S.

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Adding to the W.O.S. Skyline shot…

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A few years ago when I started the W.O.S., I needed a picture for the mast head that would be representative of the “Streets”. Initially I wanted to capture my native Philadelphia or an even larger New York or Chicago area because, well, they had a more impressive skyline then my current city Miami. It was then I remembered that my cousin had taken a decent picture from my Miami Beach apartment building roof that actually might work. That picture, taken in 2006, has been the W.O.S. skyline ever since. For Pics & Video Continue reading

Calling All South Beach Hooligans! U-S-A!

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Jozy celebrates scoring goal. USA defeated top ranked Spain 2-0.

Jozy celebrates scoring goal. USA defeated top ranked Spain 2-0.

What up W.O.Sers….Sorry I’ve been MIA lately and sorry I haven’t posted all the other numerous blogs entries that I have started in the draft folder! Trust me I will get to all of them and more… I got some MAJOR material on the horizon. Today’s developments on the the soccer pitch in South Africa, mandated at quick post about the US Men’s National Team Soccer team. I needed to get a quick message out to all the Miami/South Florida readers and US soccer fans. Continue reading

Serpent Sales : An Intro to My Chile Vacation

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Snake wrangling with the Snake in Chile.

Snake wrangling with the Snake in Chile.

My boy Sergio from UM grad school, AKA The Snake, has been telling me about his fathers homeland of Santiago, Chile for some time now. He always used to interrupt our intense discussions on UM football, the hunt for breezys, and the next Miami throw down, to break in with his tales of the beauty of Chile and the Chilean women. We always gave an obligatory head nod Continue reading

THROWBACK JOINT…. Protect Your Neck!

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What up fam…Last weekend in Miami, I went to my favorite bar on all of South Beach; LoveHate. Continue reading